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Where innovation meets tradition in the art of masonry. With a legacy of crafting durable, elegant structures, we redefine construction with our specialized patent pending interlocking block design and ‘dry stack’ masonry techniques, revolutionizing the construction industry. Experience building that’s not just about structures but about creating lasting legacies.

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Dedicated to Your Vision, Committed to Safety

At Advanced Block Corporation, we blend artistry, precision, and a commitment to safety and client satisfaction. Tailored solutions, the highest safety standards, vital communication between trades, precision dimensioning, speed of installation, and rigorous quality checks are what set us apart.

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Why Choose Advanced Block Corporation?

Efficiency and Elegance in Every Block

At Advanced Block Corporation, we don’t just build, we innovate. Our ‘dry stack’ masonry method is not only a nod to the timeless art of traditional masonry but also a leap into the future of building efficiency with our interlocking block design that we manufacture in house allowing for faster build times . Here’s why choosing us means choosing unparalleled excellence:

Speedy Construction

Our techniques significantly reduce building time, ensuring your project is completed swiftly without compromising on quality.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With our streamlined process, we reduce labor and material costs – a savings that we pass on to you.

In House Manufacturing

By manufacturing our specialized block in house we cut out the middle man passing the savings onto you.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to eco-friendly construction methods, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Lasting Quality

Our structures stand the test of time, pest proof, fire, water and high wind resistant offering a durability that’s as dependable as our service.

Specialized Designs & Finishes

Each project is a unique creation, tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your vision becomes a stunning reality.

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    Watch how a small crew can install a home foundation with our product.

    What People Are Saying

    Hear it from those who know us best: real stories, lasting impressions!

    All Stack Inc. revolutionized our building process with their dry stack masonry. The speed and efficiency of construction were astonishing, and their commitment to quality is evident in every block.

    James and Linda Thompson
    Home Owners

    As a property developer, finding cost-effective and reliable construction solutions is critical. All Stack Inc. not only delivered on both fronts but their eco-friendly approach also aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals.

    Martin Green
    Greenfield Property Developments

    Working with All Stack Inc. was a game-changer for our residential project. Their ability to adapt to any weather conditions kept our project on schedule, a rarity in construction.

    Rachel Kim
    Project Manager

    The custom design capabilities of All Stack Inc. transformed our vision into a stunning reality. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmatched in the industry.

    Derek and Maria Gonzalez
    DMG Construction

    What We Build

    Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Buildings

    Low-Mid Rise Apartment Buildings & Condos

    Full Concrete Homes

    Infill Walls for Steel Buildings

    Garden Suites

    Accessory Dwellings


    Retaining Walls





    Elevator Shafts

    Garden & Planter Walls

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The International Building Code allows for two types of masonry construction. The first is the traditional brick and mortar method which requires a trained mason to mortar, stack and level each block. The average mason with this method can lay about 190 block a day. The second is the dry stack method. This method allows a mason to supervise labourers in stacking the blocks one on top of the other and seals them with a high grade surface bond. The mason then follows behind making sure that each course is leveled and the process continues. A crew of one mason and four labourers can lay about 1000 blocks per day, speeding up the build time significantly.

    Each wall is steel reinforced with rebar, surface bonded, and filled with cellular concrete. resulting in a high-strength concrete wall.

    Yes! We accommodate custom designs and offer considerable savings where drawings are unit dimensional. We also offer several different types of finishes on both exterior and interior walls to create the look you want.

    We use all natural products, which are 100% recyclable, in manufacturing our blocks. Our walls are filled and sealed on both sides, eliminating the spaces where black mold and other bacteria thrive, this provides a cleaner, more eco friendly environment. We also offer at additional cost, the option to apply a special antimicrobial eco friendly finish to our blocks allowing for an even more eco friendly environment.

    We are subcontractors, working with architects, builders, general contractors, electricians and plumbers. We build the shell of your space, inside and outside walls. With our specialized block we are able to work with the electricians and plumbers to lay the conduits and water lines in the walls as we build, this cuts down construction time waiting for other trades and eliminates all the extra steps (drywall, taping, mudding, painting) required after traditional wood/steel framing is complete, speeding up construction time and saving you money.

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    Examples of projects that can be completed.