Specialized interlocking block and ‘dry stack’ masonry

Using our specialized interlocking block and ‘dry stack’ masonry construction technique, conforming to the International building code, each interlocking block is stacked on top of each other, resulting in an efficient and economical building system with a reduced reliance on skilled trades (which are in short supply) and creating more jobs in the construction industry.

Steel-reinforced surface bonded

Each wall is either steel reinforced with rebar and grouted solid or surfaced bonded, filled with cellular concrete. resulting in a high-strength insulated concrete wall, fully sealed and finished on both sides.

Cellular Concrete

Air-entrained lightweight concrete, which has very high sound and thermal insulating values, and an exceptional fire-retardant rating. The result is a high-strength insulated (R3.9-3.99/inch thickness) water, fire and high wind resistant fully finished concrete wall. 

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